36. Precious Treasure

I’m doing a quick drabble thingie for Kellyn, coz she asked for one. The pairing is Shules (Psych). So yeah. Heeeere we go. I can’t promise that this will be good, because it’s been so long since I wrote Shules. ;; Apologies in advanced.

It’s the thought that rolls around in Juliet’s head as she stands before a full-length mirror, hands nervously trembling before her as her mother sets the pins in her gown. It’s only the day she’s been dreaming about all of her life, and anxiously, she’s anticipating every moment. From the time that she walks down that isle, to the time she gets to see that shine in Shawn’s eyes again.


Funny the way things work out. When she first met him, she wasn’t too struck by him. But over time, and after so much work together, and a little alone time with him, she found that maybe she’d made a judgement far too soon. Shawn was a great guy. He had one hell of a heart in his chest, and he always wanted to help any way he could.

Taking a deep breath in, Juliet looks to her mother with a smile and ducks her head. “Am I supposed to be this nervous?” she asks softly, biting her lip. The soft sound of her mother’s laughter calms her nerves a little bit.

"Of course, Juliet," her mother says, smiling up at her. "It’s a big day."


"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today…"

This is everything Shawn Spencer ever could have asked for in a perfect day. The woman of his dreams, standing before him, looking so stunning in her bridal gown. The coloring in her cheeks— That soft pink that she gets after a couple drinks, or when she’s feeling particularly shy. He smiles at her, squeezing her hands gently in his, letting her know that he’s there for her.

And from this day forward, he always will be.

Shawn’s attention shifts suddenly.

"Do you Juliet…?"

Shawn looks back to Juliet, smiling as he listens to her speak her part of the vows. There’s a swelling in his chest— But it’s a good swelling. It’s the swelling that tells the story of justĀ how in love he is with Juliet O’Hara. How in love he’s been with her since day one.

"I do."

"And do you, Shawn…?"

Now Shawn’s heart is racing a mile a minute. His eyes go from the priest, to Juliet, to his parents, the soon-to-be parents in law, and then to his best friends, Gus and Lassiter. Yes, Lassiter too. Through the years and despite the fact that they don’t always seem to see eye-to-eye, Shawn and Lassiter have become great friends. When they give that re-assuring nod, Shawn lets out a breath he isn’t aware he’s holding in.

"I do."

Now it’s the big moment, the moment everyone’s been waiting for. Those magic words escape the mouth of the priest that Shawn and Juliet stand before.

"By the power invested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride."

And it’s that moment there, that sticks out in Shawn’s memory the most. That moment in time where he feels those sparks he always feels with Juliet near.


His most precious treasure.

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